Wetherlys Catalogues of Furniture for your Home

Wetherly’s catalogues of furniture for your home speak of sophistication and elegance. These brochures showcase the latest furnishings available and do so in truly creative and inspiring ways. There is nothing worse than wanting to redo a room, or your entire house for that matter should the money allow, and not knowing where to start. But Wetherly’s now has the solution for all your designing needs.  They not only showcase the latest products, but provide you with valuable insights in to the latest trends whether you be looking for outdoor, kitchen, living room, or dining room furnishings.

The saying goes “From humble beginnings come great things” and this is exactly the case with Wetherly’s. Approximately forty years ago in a garage in Auckland Park, Johannesburg, this family business began. They started off introducing yellow wood antiques, handmade furniture, and a selection of imported products such as porcelain to South Africa. From here their business has just exploded over the years and as demand has grown, so has their offering. Wetherly’s was the first company to introduce the idea of warehouse retail space and today they have over thirty of these types of branches located in cities across the country.

As the product grew, it became evident that customers required more choice. With the prohibitive cost of conventional retail space, the idea of the “Warehouse”concept was sparked. These days, Wetherlys operates in excess of 30 branches around the country. Their established brand means that they have become a household name in the furniture and décor industry and are now regarded as one of the trendsetters in terms of design as well as accessories. This has all contributed to the demand for catalogues of furniture for you home and as a reflection of the brand, these catalogues have to be of the finest quality and beautifully designed.

Wetherly’s believe that their success can be attributed to a number of factors:

  1. A balance between imported and locally manufactured products
  2. High quality and exclusivity of products
  3. Trend watching and trend setting
  4. The opportunity for their customers to request bespoke furniture

All of this combined has lead to over 60 000 pieces of magical furniture being selected by the Whetherly’s team and brought to you over the years. What is more is that the Whetherly’s team has a true understanding of their markets needs and as such have incorporated the latest pieces and designs in to room settings in there stores so that you can imagine what things could look like together and see how they could be incorporated in to your home. These room designs are reflected perfectly in their catalogues. Should you not be able to find the latest edition and desperately want to get some great advise and tips on how to refurbish a room, then have no fear as you can view the wonderful pages of the catalogue online at www.wetherlys.co.za.

For many South African’s Wetherly’s has become a part of the family and this can be attributed to it starting out as a family business and having a deep understanding of South African family needs. This understanding is then translated across their stores and in the products that they select for you to feast your eyes on, or if you are lucky to have your hands on. If you are looking to redo a room or buy a signature piece for your room, then why not visit one of the stores closest to you and get advice from one of the many qualified people in store. If you just want to take a look that is great as this brand is all about inspiring new looks for every home.