Wetherleys Catalogue Furniture and Factory Shops

Are you looking for the very latest and great quality in furniture? Have you considered the Wetherleys catalogue furniture and factory shops? If you have then your furniture shopping can be concluded. If not then you need look no further because you will be dazzled with what you are likely to find.

You might think that the brand name of Wetherleys is too expensive or out of reach for you, but that is why you have the choice of either their standard stores, or their factory outlets. Not many furniture stores offer you this choice, where you have the benefit of seeing what you like and what fits your pocket before taking it further.

The difference between the factory outlets and the regular stores is the distance you might travel and the price you will pay and that is it. If you are prepared to travel a little further, then you will reap the benefits.

You might wonder at this point, why do people not go to the factory outlets already to get a better price. The simple truth is that the factory outlets house the slightly older stock while the regular stores house the very latest. This is also the reason for the price difference.

Logo for Wetherleys Furniture Stores

Now that your mind is made up, here is a little preview of what you can expect at both the regular store and the factory outlets:


Stylish finishes

  • Wetherleys has suppliers from all around the world, all of whom have access to the latest furniture trends and styles.
  • You benefit here because you do not have to travel far to have access to these latest trends and styles.

Guaranteed quality

  • Wetherleys looks to buy only the top and best brands from across the globe.
  • These brands come with incredible workmanship and detail ensuring each item, on their catalogue, is of the highest quality.
  • Wetherleys also offer guarantee the workmanship so that should there be an issue you have peace of mind to get a new piece of furniture or a refund.

Furniture to suit all rooms within your home

  • Having realized that the Wetherleys catalogue furniture and factory shops offers you the best, the secret is now out of the bag in terms of living the lifestyle and here is a small snapshot of what you can expect:
    • Sofas, chairs and ottomans
    • Bedroom suites and dining room suites
    • Kitchen pieces
    • Coffee, side or console tables
    • Outdoor and patio furniture

Browse online at your convenience

  • You can access the latest trends from the comfort of your own home without having to move around the town wasting petrol.
  • Just log onto the Wetherleys website and browse at your leisure.


Now that you have these little golden nuggets of information, the next step for you is to get down to the Wetherleys catalogue furniture and factory shops as soon as possible. You will be able to benefit from Wetherleys peace of mind and ensure your home is super-stylish.