Ellerines Furniture Group

Ellerines furniture group is one of the trusted furnishers of South Africa. The affordable prices and the quality of all of their products make them a sure fire hit on the South African market from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Ellerines shops stock everything you need to furnish your home in style and comfort. Their great range of lounge, bedroom and dining room furniture and accessories will mean that you will be able to completely fill your house from this fine store, without worrying about the price and damage to your bank balance. They also stock a great range of business furniture, so if you want to stock your work place or head office you will find something in store for you.

South Africa is a place where people trust quality, and Ellerines furniture group has remained successful despite changes in the financial climate. Most people visit the shops that they know when they are looking for new things for their homes, so as a business, Ellerines has reassured customers that they can always expect the same high standards from store to store. There will be no calls to their head office for complaints – all you’ll have are compliments for this fine furnishers.

It is always good to approach the store with a particular budget in mind, but what is really great is that Ellerines offers you great financing options. You can pay for the whole purchase, or a portion of the purchase and make repayments later in the month or year. They understand that the market has not been kind to most people in the last few years and have done their best to ensure that you can still have the kitchen, dining room or lounge of your dreams at a price that is reasonable. From Johannesburg to Cape Town, all South Africans trust Ellerines furniture group.