Coricraft Factory Shop

The Coricraft factory shop is a great place to purchase furniture, especially couches, at reduced prices. It is like stepping into the world’s best bargain box. These branches of the store stock shop soiled (slightly damaged stock) and slow moving stock at prices that will be more appealing to you, and of course are more affordable. They are open in Cape Town and Johannesburg, which means that you need not visit the expensive stores but can head on down to these great spaces and look for all your home comforts.

The best thing about the Coricraft factory shop is that it is still the same Cori craft quality that you’ve come to trust. Their furniture is incredibly comfortable and luxurious. Their leather couches are some of the most desired in the world and are extremely durable. So whilst the factory store may have reduced prices, you needn’t worry that it has reduced longevity. Most often the stock in these stores is simply slow moving stock. All that this means is that these particular styles sold slower than others and needed to make room for newer designs in the regular stores. You never know – you could find something that is perfect for you.

The shop soiled products may have minor defects. Sometimes during the transportation of furniture small dents or scratches can occur. These products are thus sold at a reduced price, and often the glitch is so small you can hardly even notice it. To find the location of the branch closest to you, you can simply visit the website, or call your local store and find out where the factory store is. With branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town there is really no reason to go anywhere else to stock up your home. Simply choose the most reliable brand, and visit the Coricraft factory shop during opening hours.