Bears Furniture Stores

Bears Furniture stores have specials running quite often, specials that you don’t want to miss out on so it is always important to be checking their online catalogue, or keeping an eye out for them in newspapers and on TV. The best thing about Beares, besides their lovely furniture and cheap prices, is that you don’t even need cash to purchase from them; you can buy on account. This means opening an account with them, you purchase furniture and pay it off on a monthly basis, plus a small interest fee. Bears stores are all over, from Cape Town and Durban to Johannesburg and Bethlehem; it doesn’t matter where in the country you are, getting to a branch shouldn’t be too much of a task.

With head office in KwaZulu-Natal, you can contact them should you need to speak to someone at Beares Furniture stores head office directly. If you visit one of the Bears stores there should be sales managers on the floor that you could speak to, but sometimes it is better to go straight to head office if you have the opportunity to do so. Before you go to one of their branches, you could always look at what they have online. By browsing through their catalogue first, you have more of an idea as to what you want, so there’s not too much browsing and decision making to do in the store itself.

When it comes to the actual sales of the product, the staff will tell you everything you need to know about a product, so don’t be scared to ask. You can also ask them the better option of two similar products, maybe with different names; they will tell you which you should go for. You have many options to choose from when it comes to which Bears Furniture stores to visit, you just have to see which is the closest to you.